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Choose Pricing Plan

  • Project / Item Model

    Turnkey pricing for entire project scope
    • Pricing based on the project scope
    • Project can commence with minima upfront payment
    • Structured payment ensure budget flexibility
    • Project can be stopped if milestone(s) are unsatisfactory
  • Best Value

    Retainership Plan

    For ongoing project that requires priority / prompt service
    • Priority Service and access to our network of consultants
    • 16 hours of service per week guaranteed
    • 17% discount off usual daily rate
  • Daily Rate Plan

    Scoping evaluation, Technical / Client Advisory Services
    • Cost effective and fit-for-purpose plan
    • Booking multiple days attract up 10% discount
    • Booking up to 1 week attract up 20% discount
  • Hourly Rate Plan

    Perfect for QA/QC, Collective Inquiry & Client Advisory
    • Cost effective and customized solution
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