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Strategic & Project Management Consultant


Femi is highly qualified strategic planning and project management professional with over 20 years of uniquely combined experience working with public, private and non-governmental organizations as a leading expert consultant in the United States of America and Nigeria. He has very robust capacity and experience to support multi-domain project development and management efforts in the energy and environment domains. Proven, dynamic and task-oriented team player with the sole focus of delivering on project objectives. Strong ability to influence others through building of relationships and consensus on multi-discipline teams.

His experience cut across  project management, technology, audit, risk management, government relations, policy analysis andmanagement, project and process evaluation and impact assessment. Very diverse academicbackground in the geosciences (BS.C. Applied Geophysics, Ife), business and technology (MS Businessand Information Systems Auditing, Pomona California), public affairs / public policy (PHD Public Affairs,Texas), and Sustainability Leadership and Strategy (EMSL: Executive Masters in Sustainability Leadership,Tempe Arizona).

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